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Welcome to UC San Diego AP On-Line Recruit — Submit a Letter of Reference

Can't log in? Need a token?

  • Tokens are sent to references by applicants via email generated with the Recruit system.
    • Tokens and a Log In button are embedded in this email.

  • Tokens are a long, random and unique string of characters.
    • Example: 3a728d84a5286007328c82eaa6dc3099

  • If you have not received an email from the Recruit system with this token, please contact the applicant directly.
    • Applicants must select "Notify / Send Token" next to your reference information within their application.
    • The Recruit support team is not able to generate a token for you.

Welcome, References

Thank you for submitting a letter of recommendation. To upload your requested letter, please login.

If you need an alternate method of letter submission, please contact the applicant directly.

If you experience technical difficulty, please Contact Us.

Log in, Review Confidentiality Statement, Upload Recommendation, Success!